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Becky and her husband Steve

Four years ago, my children and grandchildren came to our house for a cook-out celebrating my husband Steve’s birthday. We talked, laughed, played and enjoyed spending time as a family. Later, after they left, Steve and I rented a movie and fell asleep, a habit we both share. When I woke up a few hours later, I couldn’t speak.

I’ve always been healthy woman, and we immediately thought I was having a stroke and that I was going to die. Steve rushed me to Community Hospital North’s emergency department where the first of many amazing physicians and nurses started caring for me. My condition was getting worse, and I had a seizure.

That night and in the days that followed, my care givers coordinated my care and tests and always treated me with compassion, including the moment my physician told me I had high-grade Glioblastoma, or terminal brain cancer. I asked how long I had to live and he told me about a year. One year, that’s all. I started to cry, and my family cried with me. That was a day for crying. That was the day we saw my doctor cry, too.

More than four years later, I’m still alive. I’m still fighting every day to beat the odds. I’ve survived surgery after surgery, completed chemotherapy and clinical trials, visited Community Hospital North more than 180 times and I don’t think I would be here without my faith in God, and my compassionate care givers and friends at Community.

I’ve never asked God why I was presented with this health care journey. Instead, I share my story to give other patients hope when they don’t think they have any. When you think it is as bad as it can possibly be, you can have hope. That’s also why Steve and I made a donation to Community Health Network Foundation. We know our financial gift will fund the hope that Community’s patients always come first, that doctors and nurses are given resources to fight battles like mine, and that hugs and smiles are just as important as tests and treatments.

In this season of giving and caring, my hope is that you will support Community’s important health care initiatives by making a donation to Community Health Network Foundation. Your entire gift will forever make an impact. Your generosity will forever be appreciated.

Healthy wishes,

Becky Schenck,

Community Health Network grateful patient and donor