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Donors help victims of domestic violence

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When someone has been a victim of violence, they need a safe place to get help. Since 1998, Community Hospital East has hosted the Center for Hope, a specialized care facility to help victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Community Health Network nurses request special training to serve in the Center for Hope. They receive more than 40 hours of classroom training, 40 hours of clinical training, as well as hands-on training performing forensic exams. They learn how to document injuries and to collect evidence that supports victims’ cases in legal proceedings.

In addition to training, they help patients fill out state paperwork so that victims don’t pay for treatment. Nurses will also follow up with patients to check in on how they are.

“As a nurse, I’ve always been alert to look out for my patients and provide the best service that I can for them,” says nurse educator Pam Jahnke. “The Center for Hope fills in the gap for victims of violence. We help patients be able to heal in every way and move forward with their lives. At Community, we want to help our whole community to thrive and be better. That takes all of us working together to do the right thing.”

Donations made to Community Health Network Foundation help fund this important program. Donate>>

Camp Erin Indianapolis helps greiving kids

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Everyone knows that grieving takes time . . . but children need a bit more help getting through the loss. That’s the special mission of Camp Erin Indianapolis—to offer support and comfort to children who are in a season of profound distress.

Camp Erin Indianapolis is a weekend-long experience, filled with traditional, fun camp activities combined with grief education and emotional support—facilitated by Community Health Network’s professional counselors and trained volunteers. Children are comforted as they meet and get to know other children going through similar struggles in the same kinds of trauma and realize they are not alone in their grief.

Camp Erin Indianapolis provides children with the opportunity to address their feelings and memorialize their loved ones. This experience also gives children the tools and resources they need during and after camp, including memories and friendships that last long after camp is complete.

This year, Camp Erin Indianapolis will be on August 3-5, 2012, and is made possible through the compassionate financial support of our community. Learn more>>  Donate>>

Donor spotlight: Alderson Commercial Group

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Thanks to Tony Alderson and Chris Hoffee at Alderson Commercial Group, Serve360°, Community Health Network’s volunteer team, is able to serve the Indianapolis community in an even bigger way than we ever could have imagined!

“Ever since the day that Serve360° was conceived, we knew that when hearts and hands are at work for a common cause, amazing things can happen,” says Bente Weitekamp, vice president of development for Community Health Network Foundation.

Alderson Commercial Group is Serve360°’s premier philanthropic partner. Their gift of $50,000 this year will help fund volunteer projects and improve the lives of our neighbors.

“We’re so proud to be on the team,” says Tony Alderson, president of Alderson Commercial Group, and his business partner Chris Hoffee. “When Community calls, we’re already jumping—they just need to tell us how high. We’re thrilled they allow us to grow with them.”

On the day of a makeover at  IPS Washington Irving Elementary School, where more than 250 Community Health Network employees and dozens of vendors who volunteered their time, skills, and gifts to help hundreds of children in need, Alderson Commercial Group showed up ready to help. They not only bought a new washer and dryer for the school, but also built a beautiful shade shelter on the playground.

“When you walked around the campus that day, you saw 250 smiling, sweaty, and busy people running around in Community yellow shirts,” Tony says. “I had never been a part of anything like that before. It was really cool for us to see people from different organizations pulling together, working shoulder to shoulder, and making an immediate difference.”

“The money part of it is easy,” says Tony. “The real gift is rolling up your sleeves and digging in. We are amazed by how much Serve360° gets done in one year’s time.”

Alderson Commercial Group is proud to serve Indianapolis with such good people. Tony continues, “When Bryan Mills, CEO of Community Health Network, shares his vision of what he’d like to do at Community, I buy into his vision—I know he’s real. I know he’s working hard. Everyone I meet from Community has that same mindset. I know that when I’m giving them my time and gifts, they’re genuinely doing it for the right reasons.” “Alderson Commercial Group is just a small, growing business, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to give back what we can.”

Community Surgery Centers are raising cancer awareness and join us in a fight for patients like Joey

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Joey is an 8 year old boy who will be turning 9 on the 4th of July. In November of 2010, Joey and his family discovered that he has a malignant brain tumor called a medulloblastoma, which only has a 5% survival rate. Joey has been bravely battling cancer ever since.  Over the last few years, Joey has been through one major surgery, several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Currently Joey is going through the process of “salvage” chemotherapy, which is a combination of several different types of drugs in hopes of finding one that is successful.  Through all of this, Joey and his family are staying positive, and refuse to give up.  

 Joey loves Legos®, particularly Star Wars, Ninjago, and Batman (in that order!).  Joey even has a Lego® blog where he likes to review different Lego® sets. Occasionally, he even posts videos to YouTube. To check out the kinds of sets that Joey has worked on and reviewed, go to Joey’s Brick Blog

At Community Surgery Centers, we are very inspired by Joey’s story, and in honor of his love for Legos®, we have decided to rally together to have a Lego® contest and fundraiser to raise awareness and fight cancer. Each center will work together to build their own display, and this is where you come in! Starting July 1st, each center will post a photo of their Lego® displays and fans of our Facebook page will get to vote for the best Lego® set.  Once the top 3 winners have been decided from our fans, Joey will get to choose the winner and keep the winning display.

To donate to our Legos to fight Cancer fund, please go to  Community Health Network Foundation

  • When designating where you would like your donation to go, please choose “Other”, and specify that you would like your donation to benefit cancer.
  • In the field for “What brought you to the website today?” please select “Community Surgery Centers- Fighting Cancer Project” to donate on behalf of Joey!