Joey is an 8 year old boy who will be turning 9 on the 4th of July. In November of 2010, Joey and his family discovered that he has a malignant brain tumor called a medulloblastoma, which only has a 5% survival rate. Joey has been bravely battling cancer ever since.  Over the last few years, Joey has been through one major surgery, several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Currently Joey is going through the process of “salvage” chemotherapy, which is a combination of several different types of drugs in hopes of finding one that is successful.  Through all of this, Joey and his family are staying positive, and refuse to give up.  

 Joey loves Legos®, particularly Star Wars, Ninjago, and Batman (in that order!).  Joey even has a Lego® blog where he likes to review different Lego® sets. Occasionally, he even posts videos to YouTube. To check out the kinds of sets that Joey has worked on and reviewed, go to Joey’s Brick Blog

At Community Surgery Centers, we are very inspired by Joey’s story, and in honor of his love for Legos®, we have decided to rally together to have a Lego® contest and fundraiser to raise awareness and fight cancer. Each center will work together to build their own display, and this is where you come in! Starting July 1st, each center will post a photo of their Lego® displays and fans of our Facebook page will get to vote for the best Lego® set.  Once the top 3 winners have been decided from our fans, Joey will get to choose the winner and keep the winning display.

To donate to our Legos to fight Cancer fund, please go to  Community Health Network Foundation

  • When designating where you would like your donation to go, please choose “Other”, and specify that you would like your donation to benefit cancer.
  • In the field for “What brought you to the website today?” please select “Community Surgery Centers- Fighting Cancer Project” to donate on behalf of Joey!