Thanks to Tony Alderson and Chris Hoffee at Alderson Commercial Group, Serve360°, Community Health Network’s volunteer team, is able to serve the Indianapolis community in an even bigger way than we ever could have imagined!

“Ever since the day that Serve360° was conceived, we knew that when hearts and hands are at work for a common cause, amazing things can happen,” says Bente Weitekamp, vice president of development for Community Health Network Foundation.

Alderson Commercial Group is Serve360°’s premier philanthropic partner. Their gift of $50,000 this year will help fund volunteer projects and improve the lives of our neighbors.

“We’re so proud to be on the team,” says Tony Alderson, president of Alderson Commercial Group, and his business partner Chris Hoffee. “When Community calls, we’re already jumping—they just need to tell us how high. We’re thrilled they allow us to grow with them.”

On the day of a makeover at  IPS Washington Irving Elementary School, where more than 250 Community Health Network employees and dozens of vendors who volunteered their time, skills, and gifts to help hundreds of children in need, Alderson Commercial Group showed up ready to help. They not only bought a new washer and dryer for the school, but also built a beautiful shade shelter on the playground.

“When you walked around the campus that day, you saw 250 smiling, sweaty, and busy people running around in Community yellow shirts,” Tony says. “I had never been a part of anything like that before. It was really cool for us to see people from different organizations pulling together, working shoulder to shoulder, and making an immediate difference.”

“The money part of it is easy,” says Tony. “The real gift is rolling up your sleeves and digging in. We are amazed by how much Serve360° gets done in one year’s time.”

Alderson Commercial Group is proud to serve Indianapolis with such good people. Tony continues, “When Bryan Mills, CEO of Community Health Network, shares his vision of what he’d like to do at Community, I buy into his vision—I know he’s real. I know he’s working hard. Everyone I meet from Community has that same mindset. I know that when I’m giving them my time and gifts, they’re genuinely doing it for the right reasons.” “Alderson Commercial Group is just a small, growing business, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to give back what we can.”