When someone has been a victim of violence, they need a safe place to get help. Since 1998, Community Hospital East has hosted the Center for Hope, a specialized care facility to help victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Community Health Network nurses request special training to serve in the Center for Hope. They receive more than 40 hours of classroom training, 40 hours of clinical training, as well as hands-on training performing forensic exams. They learn how to document injuries and to collect evidence that supports victims’ cases in legal proceedings.

In addition to training, they help patients fill out state paperwork so that victims don’t pay for treatment. Nurses will also follow up with patients to check in on how they are.

“As a nurse, I’ve always been alert to look out for my patients and provide the best service that I can for them,” says nurse educator Pam Jahnke. “The Center for Hope fills in the gap for victims of violence. We help patients be able to heal in every way and move forward with their lives. At Community, we want to help our whole community to thrive and be better. That takes all of us working together to do the right thing.”

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